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Birthday Cake
Chocolate Molten
Jelly Donut
Strawberry Shortcake
Cookie Dough
Fruity Cereal
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Red Velvet
Cafe Mocha
Champagne Celebration
Cotton Candy
Mwix Mac
Blue Sour Gummy

Macaron Build-A-Box


Customize your own box of macarons with your favorite flavors! Can't get enough of the sweetness of our Strawberry Shortcake, S'mores, or Fruity Cereal macarons? Or do you prefer the savory Peanut Butter & Jelly or Red Velvet? Create a combination of Macarons all your own, or show someone how well you know them by sending the flavors they're sure to love!

* Specialty flavor macarons are $3.25 each.

Macaron Build-A-BoxMacaron Build-A-Box

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