DB x Chefmasters® Neon LIQUA-GEL® Food Coloring Set

LIQUA-GEL® 6 Color NEON kit 20ml Food Coloring by Chefmasters® Including: Neon Brite Yellow, Neon Brite Green, Neon Brite Blue, Neon Brite Purple, Neon Brite Orange, and Neon Brite Pink.

LIQUA-GEL® 6 Color NEON kit 20ml Food Coloring by Chefmasters®


The 6 colors included in this set are:

Neon Brite Yellow

Neon Brite Green

Neon Brite Blue

Neon Brite Purple 

Neon Brite Orange

Neon Brite Pink

Chefmasters® LIQUA-GEL® food coloring is Kosher Certified, not derived from animals or animal products, and is made in the U.S.A. This product is certified Kosher by U.S Kosher Supervision.


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